Why choose Five Little Piggies

Five Little Piggies love looking after feet. It’s what lead podiatrist (and proprietor) Clare Dunne and her qualified team have been doing since September 2000.

In the care of friendly and experienced staff, patients are made to feel welcome at our clinic which proudly offers an ever-growing range of podiatry services as well as complementary therapies and beauty treatments. You can find out more about what we offer here.

Aches and pains in your feet shouldn’t be ignored. Whether the pain is a result of a common foot condition, a long-term health concern or because you bought those designer shoes and they’re a half size too small (we get it; they were in the sale) then we want to help you.

We genuinely care about our patients and pride ourselves on offering tailored care, compassion and peace of mind.

Who We Are

Clare Dunne Clare Dunne

Clare Dunne

Lead Podiatrist

Clare graduated in 1999 from Glasgow Caledonian University with BSc hons in Podiatry. With funding from the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust, she established her practice in 2000 and thrives on looking after feet - particularly any with painful skin and nails (her speciality). Known for being a laid back and 'calm in a crisis' kind of gal, Clare loves making her patients feel welcome and looked after at Five Little Piggies. When she's not looking after patients or her young family, you can find Clare talking about mental health in her role as a See Me community Champion, or playing her beloved guitar!

Fiona Allen Fiona Allen

Fiona Allen

Associate Podiatrist

Fiona joined the Five Little Piggies family in June 2007. In recent years she has specialised in working with adults with learning disabilities and in elderly care. She is particularly interested in wound management, acupuncture/dry needling, nail surgery and domiciliary podiatry.

Blair Blair


Associate Podiatrist

Blair has worked all over the UK and Australia before landing back in sunny Rutherglen with FLP in 2015. Blair has experience in a wide range of podiatry disciplines - from surgery and sports injuries to general practice podiatry. When she’s not fixing feet you can find her sailing on the clyde at Gourock or coaching the Greenock Wanderers Mini rugby section.

Peter Gormley Peter Gormley

Peter Gormley

Podiatry Assistant

Coming from a successful career in IT that spanned over 30+ years, Peter joined FLP at the end of 2015 as an assistant podiatrist. He is currently growing his skill-set and client base, and is quickly becoming an invaluable member of the team.

Aileen McCann Aileen McCann

Aileen McCann

Practice Manager

As our Practice Manager, Aileen has ensured the smooth running of the clinic since 2005. She’s our very own “Monica” – super organised with the paperwork and appointments (even the pencils on the reception desk have been straightened on occasion!). When she’s not catching up with patients or bantering with Pesky Pete you’ll find her playing her guitar or decorating cakes. Bargain hunter. Crisp lover. Devoted to her family and dog. If you have any queries about appointments, prices, or products to use at home – Aileen will be happy to help.

Iona McCann Iona McCann

Iona McCann


Iona joined the Five Little Piggies family shortly after her 16th birthday and is our knowledgeable, friendly and chatty weekend receptionist. Studying for a degree in business management, not only is Iona a stickler for organisation but she's also an animal lover (she'll happily show you the eleventybillion photos she has of her furbabies!).

Georgie Georgie



Georgie started working with FLP in 2008. Computers aren’t Georgie’s favourite thing in the world but she’s a dab hand at making appointments on our practice software. Georgie makes sure we’re all looked after, keeping the place tidy and clean and making coffee for anyone who needs it. When she’s not at work you can find Georgie spoiling her grandchildren and looking after the family.

What We Do

Caring for feet is specific to each person and at Five Little Piggies, we tailor every treatment to the individual.

Below is a flavour of the services that we offer. For pricing information please click here.

A wide range of quality foot care products for your comfort and wellbeing are available in clinic:

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